About This Site

The website rong-chang.com started in 1994 at the University of Illinois Urbanan-Champaign with the purpose of sharing English learning materials online. Since then, it has helped millions of English learners around the world study English as the website is constantly developing to meet the evolving needs of its users. To create more English learning materials, eslfast.com was set up in 2006. The two sites now contain a multitude of English teaching and learning materials, including over 3,000 conversations covering various topics, more than 2,500 short essays with numerous vocabulary and grammar exercises designed for learners at different levels, and a series of mobile apps: "ESL Robot", "ESL Fast Speak", and "ESL Fast Read". It has now become one of the largest ESL Open Education Resources on the Internet.

Thanks to the support of all the users, the sites rong-chang.com and eslfast.com have remained free ever since they were created. Revenues generated from ads have helped to pay for the maintenance costs of the websites as well as to hire writers, voice talents, and computer programmers to make more resources available. The intention of the creator of rong-chang.com was to make English learning resources free and available to anyone who wants to learn English. It is good to see so many ESL instructors using the materials on the websites as instructional materials, not only to save students the cost of buying textbooks, but, more importantly, to take advantage of offerings from new technologies. As it stands now, the project is sustainable and will remain free and continue to be updated as long as people like you are using it.

The copyrights of all the materials on rong-chang.com and eslfast.com belong to rong-chang ESL, Inc. They can be freely accessed online on both sites, but cannot be copied and put onto any other websites. If you find any illegal use of these materials, please send an email to tesl@eslfast.com. Teachers can make copies for classroom use, but the materials cannot be included in any publications and applications, online or offline, without prior permission.

Ron C. Lee
rong-chang ESL, Inc.
Los Angeles, USA