Jet and Yet


Part 1: Recognition: Number 1 to 6. Iíll say 3 words; which is different (1, 2, or 3)?

Example: jet Ė yet Ė yet

1. hedge hay hay
2. juice use use
3. yellow yellow Jello
4. joke yolk joke
5. yam jam yam
6. fridge fridge free

Part 2: Recognition: Which do you hear? Iíll say a word. Is it J or Y sound?

Example: yet

1. jell
2. use
3. Yale
4. joke
5. lay
6. free
7. pledge
8. jaw

Part 3: Which do you hear?

1. a. There was some hedge in their back yard. / b. There was some hay in their back yard.
2. a. She doesnít want to use the oranges. / b. She doesnít want to juice the oranges.
3. a. Letís try that yam. / b. Letís try that jam.
4. a. She went to jail. / b. She went to Yale.
5. a. We like how they pledge. / b. We like how they play.

Part 4: Sentences

1. Some of the fastest jets are designed and manufactured in the LA area.
2. Many people get hay fever in the spring and summer.
3. They make juice, jam, and Jello out of those berries.
4. Most workers hate it when their boss yells at them.
5. That joke wasnít that good.
6. Those chickens lay plenty of eggs weekly.