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4. Do you fry eggs in a pan? Do you cook soup in a ___? Do you wash all the ___s and pans after cooking a meal?
5. You cannot ___ the fish unless you put it in the ___r. It won't ___ in the refrigerator.
7. A gas or an electric ___ usually has four burners on it. If you want to bake something, put it in the oven.
8. Some foods take only a ___ or two to heat or cook in a microwave.
9. If you put something in the refrigerator, it will get ___.
12. A microwave can make cold water ___ in less than a minute.
13. Most ___men like to read the ___ section of the newspaper. The ___ section is all about money.
16. Many people get their daily news for free online instead of buying a ___.
17. You want me to show you how to boil an egg ___? Didn't you learn the first time I showed you?
18. He sat ___. He opened the newspaper. He read the paper. He put ___ the paper. He stood up.
19. The water wasn't hot. It wasn't even ___. It was still cold.


1. Is the fish still ___? It was in the freezer. Put it into the microwave to defrost it.
2. Be a good ___. Let me read the ___s section. I want to read the football news. I'll give you the business section.
3. The left front ___ doesn't work. If you want to fry some eggs, you'll have to use the right front ___.
6. I'll set my electronic ___ to go off in 10 minutes. I often use my ___ to wake me up from naps.
7. One ___ of this paper is missing. I can't find it. Where's the sports ___?
10. Did you ___ to take your pills again? How can you improve your memory if you keep ___ting to take your memory pills?
11. A ___ is cheap and delicious. Just wrap a tortilla around some meat and cheese, and heat it.
14. When you buy a dozen ___s, always roll each each ___ around in the carton to make sure the ___ isn't cracked on its bottom.
15. What's the greatest invention? Indoor plumbing. Our lives are so much better if we have running ___ at home and at work.